Erin Murphy

Erin has been working in the veterinary field since 2006. She hopes to soon start school to acquire her veterinary technician license. She has a 10 year old rescue dog named Moira who she spends all of her time with. She loves music and enjoys going to concerts and comedy shows.  She loves marine life, especially sea turtles. She spends her free time at the beach with her dog.

Katherine Ridgeway

Katherine “Katt” Ridgway, has been working in the animal field for 5 years.  Prior to this she volunteered at local animal shelters for many years. Katt loves to be an advocate for the animals since they are unable to do so themselves.  Her passion is to educate owners with as much behavioral and medical advice that their pets may require,  as well as making sure the pet receives the care they deserve to live a happy life. She currently owns four dogs that were all adopted from the local shelter. Over the years she has adopted, rescued and fostered multiple dogs, cats, rabbits, and even different types of reptiles and amphibians. Other things she enjoys are photography, baking, and spending time with her family, friends and pets.