1. Why Black Cats Need Your Love, Especially in Fall

    Summer has officially ended, and as we move into this exciting season of pumpkins, spooky ghosts, turkeys, and Christmas decorations, it’s time to take a moment to talk about a certain type of pet who needs your love this year — black cats. Did you know that black cats are estimated to be overlooked compared to other kitties? Did you know that Halloween can actually be a dangerous season for t…Read More

  2. Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language

    Cats don’t get enough credit. Cats, for whatever reason, have earned a reputation among many as being mischievous, conniving, or just plain “evil.” For a pet who is truly loyal, friendly, and oozing with personality, many people look to dogs due to the unfair reputation that cats have among many people. What a lot of people don’t understand, however, is that a lot of the problems people ha…Read More

  3. People Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

    Dogs, it seems, will eat anything. Unlike cats who are significantly more picky in their dietary choices, most dog owners have had at least one moment where they’ve seen their dog eat the unthinkable. Because of this, many dog owners are sadly cavalier about what they feed to their dogs. While dogs can stomach a lot more than humans can (like their own droppings), that doesn’t mean that they s…Read More

  4. Don’t Believe These Common Pet Myths

    At 2nd Street Animal Hospital, we have a team of experienced veterinarians who are highly experienced in a variety of pet care services. From standard preventative care in dogs and cats to specialized care for exotic animals, our team has done it all. Despite the fact that our Philadelphia vet clinic has only recently opened, our team has extensive experience in the veterinary industry, and you ca…Read More

  5. How to Be a Better Cat Owner

    We have absolutely no doubt that you love your cat. Cats are one of the best pets somebody can have, and truly loyal companions despite their unfair reputation for being mean and devious. At 2nd Street Animal Hospital, we know there are countless numbers of people in the Philadelphia area who are attached to their kitties and want nothing but the best for them. Did you know that there are a lot of…Read More

  6. What 2nd Street Vet Can Do For You

    Hello, and welcome to our very first blog post! We’re happy you stopped by, and we’re quite excited to get this blog going. In the coming months, we will be updating the blog with much more content, excellent for anyone who’s wanting to learn a little more about animals and how to care for your pets. At 2nd Street Animal Hospital, we’re obsessed with keeping our animal friends happy and he…Read More