1. Hamster Care

    INTRODUCTION ers are little nocturnal rodents with large cheek pouches and short tails. They come in a variety of colors. The Syrian hamsters are generally gentler than the dwarf hamsters. Their average lifespan is 2-3 years. HOUSING Cage – Hamsters should have a minimum of two square feet of floor space. The enclosure can be made of wire, steel, durable plastic, or glass with at least one side …Read More

  2. Hedgehog Care

    INTRODUCTION Hedgehogs are small nocturnal mammals that are covered in quills. When they feel threatened, they can curl up into a ball and extend their quills. They are very intelligent and each has their own personalities. Their average lifespan is 4-6 years. HOUSING Cage – Hedgehogs are very active and like to roam. The enclosure should be a minimum of 2x4ft and should have a solid cage bottom…Read More

  3. Leopard and Fat-Tailed Gecko Care

    INTRODUCTION Geckos are very docile creatures that require straightforward care making them very popular pets. They grow up approximately 6 inches in length and live about 7-10 years in captivity. HOUSING Cage – Aquariums, Exo Terra enclosures, or plastic containers with a mesh top are commonly used for enclosures. Since geckos are terrestrial, a longer enclosure is preferable to a high one. Juv…Read More

  4. Mouse Care

    INTRODUCTION Mice are highly social animals that make excellent pets for children if properly cared for. They are timid, but if they are raised as pets and gently handled, they will rarely bite. The average lifespan for a pet mouse is 1-2 years. HOUSING Cage – Each mouse requires a minimum of 15 square inches of floor space and at least a height of 5 inches. Cage material can include wire, stain…Read More

  5. Python and Boa Care

    INTRODUCTION There are a wide variety of species of pythons and boas with many different color mutations kept as pets. Their size and lifespan vary with species. Some of them can get up to 20 feet and 200lbs, so be sure to do your research carefully before bringing home a new snake. HOUSING Cage – Select an enclosure designed for snakes as snakes are great escape artists. A glass tank with a sec…Read More

  6. Rabbit Care

    INTRODUCTION Rabbits make friendly, quiet, and gentle house pets. They come in a variety of breeds and colors with an average lifespan of 7-10 years. HOUSING Cage – A minimum of 2x3 feet of floor space if recommended for small breed rabbits and 3x4 feet for large breed rabbits. A solid cage bottom is recommended. If the cage has a wire bottom, at least half of it should be covered with a solid s…Read More

  7. Rat Care

    INTRODUCTION Rats are highly social animals that make excellent pets for children if properly cared for. If they are raised as pets and gently handled, rats will rarely bite. They are intelligent and can be taught tricks as well as to respond to their names. The average lifespan for a pet rat is 2-3 years. HOUSING Cage – Each rat requires a minimum of 40 square inches of floor space and at least…Read More

  8. Sugar Glider Care

    INTRODUCTION Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal tree-dwelling marsupials (meaning they carry babies in a pouch!). They are native to Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania and Indonesia. They get their name from being fond of sweet foods and because they can glide using flaps of skin that extend from their wrists to their ankles. Their average life span as a pet is 12 to 15 years. HOUSING Cage – While …Read More